Who is Garry & Larry?

 Garry and Larry or in short G&L is a European brand operating in men's underwear. Garry & Larry is specialized in genuine exclusive and limited edition prints, designs and styles. G&L or Garry & Larry was founded based on the idea that wearing mass produced underwear is okay but not for every day. Garry & Larry gives the possibility for true individuality by producing and selling only very small series of products and even provides the possibility to have your own underwear produced just for you, through our Uwear application at www.garry-larry.com you can compose your own, with the guaranty that it was made with Passion, Fashion for Passion, Powered by Garry & Larry.


Garry & Larry is a full circle integrated brand that started as a design and marketing company for male underwear hoping to be able to produce limited and unique small series of men's underwear. After having designed the first lines and product prints the Garry & Larry team quickly found that in general exclusive in underwear means minimal series of 10.000 pieces, that turns the word limited into a joke. Massive volumes per item, per size and print, Garry & Larry started to build its own facility to reflect the visions and general ideas of its founders. Which include clean, good working conditions, fair income, superior machinery, premium fabrics and safe print technologies for employee and customer alike.


Garry & Larry now operates its own full climate controlled warehouses, production and printing facility completely constructed to produce short or even completely personalized underwear for men. Modern and dynamic men that value true exclusivity and individuality and that value being one of a few rather than being on of millions.

 So, is Garry & Larry big? No it's not! Garry & Larry is unique and different, with around 60 employees designing products with true passion for exclusive fashion, just for you or a few!


Company name:   AURORA LESTARI, CV

Legal address: Jomblang Barat, №366

Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia